Out With The Old

After over 10 years I have finally welcomed home a brand new sewing machine! Believe me it was definitely way past due.

I bought my very first sewing machine at the same time that I decided to try making my very first quilt. I had no idea what I wanted (or needed) in a sewing machine but I was a poor starving student living by myself for the first time in a small bachelor apartment where the rent seemed to get raised every 3 months. Talking a friend into driving me down to the nearest big box store, I bought the cheapest model I could find that wasn’t pink and covered with large gaudy flowers and ended up getting a Singer, which I thought at the time must be a good one as I had at least heard of that brand, for $99.00. It was a good little machine, simple and did the job…for a while at least.

Somewhere along the way, and without much notice from me, it began to accrue more and more problems. And I had no idea that a sewing machine needed cleaning let alone yearly professional maintenance. Lesson learned.

I probably would have continued using this machine indefinitely except that now that I’m starting to sew projects for people other than myself, I began to distrust the quality of the stitching it was producing. Plus it sounded like a plane taking off. I haven’t started a new project in months, instead avoiding the machine to dye fat quarters for future projects that had no certain beginning in sight.

My new Husqvarna Viking is a good quality investment, sews like a dream, and has given me the confidence and drive to start up again. Also, buying a sewing machine at Central Sewing means I get a free class in a few weeks that will teach me how to use and take care of it.

I can’t wait! I have been reading a lot about Anni Albers lately and have a lot of ideas to get started on, hopefully documented for a post in the near future, *fingers crossed*.

Until then…happy sewing! 🙂

Husqvarna Viking

Doing a test and learning all of the new buttons!