Timing Isn’t Always Everything

Baby Quilt for Rory

Finally finished this quilt for my new little niece…just over 3 months late but I did it!


Stitching in the Small

I have been interested in embroidery for a few years now but was finding that even with all of the books I was reading, I just wasn’t sitting down and doing it. I have found that when it comes to trying new artistic pursuits, an in-person guiding hand is what I need!

I took this class through Fern’s School of Craft (www.fernsschoolofcraft.com), taught by Alex from Florals and Floss Embroidery (www.instagram.com/floralsandflossembroidery). In one afternoon we learnt 6 different stitches and I was enamoured by the hands-on quality, beautiful colours, and texture of the embroidered floss threads. Plus, embroidery instantly gets me relaxed and in a quiet state of mind. I love the immediacy of embroidery and how a project can be finished quite quickly.

In this class I made a cute little floral hoop with my niece’s name on it for her upcoming 2nd birthday and it turned out so pretty and great. I can’t wait to start coming up with my own designs and playing with some new stitches!