So Many Quilts, So Little Time

This weekend I had two quilts displayed in a quilt show, my first one! I was honoured to be asked to submit some of my quilts for the Vermilion Quilters Annual Quilt Show, put on by the Vermilion Quilters Guild this past weekend. It was an amazing event and there were so many beautiful and interesting quilts to check out!

Vermilion Quilters Guild Annual Quilt Show

My quilts! “Tofino” and “Snow in Grandmother’s Garden”. Vermilion Quilters Guild Annual Quilt Show.

When we first walked in, we were greeted by two quilters at the door and a corridor full of charity quilts made for organizations such as the Cross Cancer Institute and Quilts of Valour ( There were also some very impressive door prizes to tempt me!

Then we entered the main hall and I was awestruck by the number of quilts to look at. Of course I wanted to find mine first! 🙂 They were nestled in nicely in the middle beside some beautifully designed and coloured quilts and it was so exciting to see them displayed, having people walking by and stopping to take a look.

Vermilion Quilters Guild Annual Quilt Show

Vermilion Quilters Guild Annual Quilt Show

Quilt in the foreground: “Aviatrix Medallion” by Carol Wasylik, designed by Elizabeth Hartman and quilted by Extraordinary Extras.

Vermilion Quilters Guild Annual Quilt Show

There wasn’t a name attached to the label on this quilt but it is stunning!

For the viewer’s choice ballot, there were three categories: large quilts, small quilts, and the quilter’s challenge quilts. I ended up choosing a lovely large appliquéd quilt with yoyo flowers (who doesn’t love a yoyo flower?), a small quilt that had been batik dyed, and a challenge quilt where I thought the quilter did a good job of working through a colour palette that they initially were not very excited about.

Vermilion Quilters Guild Annual Quilt Show

“Circle of Flowers” by Barb Spurgeon, quilted by Melissa Martens.

Vermilion Quilters Guild Annual Quilt Show

“Cattitude” dyed and quilted by Cindi Plant, pattern image by Laurel Burch.

Vermilion Quilters Guild Annual Quilt Show

“Lone Star” by Lyn Yaremchuk, designed by Swirly Girls. Right: Detail of the challenge fabrics that had to be used in the quilt.

As with any art exhibit, I took my time, looking at a quilt close up and then moving back to see it as a whole, as well as making a couple of passes through the show, noticing something new with each pass.

I can really appreciate the massive amount of work it took to organize this event. There was live music and a lunch counter and I was pretty happy that there were tables and chairs set up so I could rest and agonize over who to vote for. It was really great to browse and chat with everyone and there was a palpable sense of community and support that I could see and feel. I am so excited to have had the chance to participate and found it super inspiring to see other quilters’ work, feeling challenged to up my game and try some new designs, especially to use more colour!



7 thoughts on “So Many Quilts, So Little Time

  1. Fred the Needle says:

    Your quilt looks gorgeous – and at home among the other displays of talent! I am in awe of anyone who can make a quilt to go on a bed! I can just about manage a tiny version!

    What a lovely event to be part of – the pictures are lovely thanks for sharing them, it is so inspiring.


  2. agnesandpark says:

    Thank you so much!
    This experience has definitely made me realize that I don’t want to be making things in a vacuum and need to work harder at having a more social and active role within the textile community.
    I think tiny quilts would be awesome!


  3. Janice Jones says:

    What a lovely article about the Vermilion Quilters Quilt Show – thank you. Also thank you so much for submitting your quilts for display and I hope you will submit more in the future. it was great to see you again.


  4. Alice Swan says:

    Jackie thank you for the wonderful pictures and comments regarding our quilt show. Thank you for submitting two very different quilts to the show. You probably noticed that there were a limited number of hand quilted pieces so your Snow in Grandmothers Garden really stood out. I loved your Tofino landscape and spent a long time appreciating the techniques you incorporated. I was hoping to meet you as I take yoga with your Mom and of course we talked about your quilts. Please keep us in mind next year and submit more of your work. I have enjoyed reading your blog.

    Alice Swan Quilt Show Chairperson.


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